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Meet Kirsten and Tony

We are Kirsten Mackintosh and Tony Beaman and we believe everyone should find their bliss- what makes their heart sing. Because if you are joyful this energy will radiate to those around you.

Our studio is made up of a mix of people from all walks of life, many of whom have already lived a great part of their lives and who are now entering what’s often coined ‘The Third Age”

Running roughly from ages 50 to 75 years, this Third Age is made possible by our longer life expectancy.

In essence it grants us a life bonus of 30 years not available to previous generations. Rich in possibilities and potential, it involves the creating of new roles and identity and for many it can be an opportunity for renewal and transformation.

Are you in the Third Age where your roles in your family are changing? Your career or work focus is changing? Are you wanting to look more deeply within yourself to find what gives you a sense of meaning, and purpose?

This is a time when from the vantage point of a long and varied experience you can take particular note of what is really important to you and how you want to ‘spend’ your remaining time on this earth.

It is during this time you can reclaim some what you neglected along the way, clear out unwanted baggage, heal old wounds and experience how you can grow more supple, stronger, taller, more balanced and whole – both as an individual and as an integral part of the immense web of life.

Through this disciplined practice of Yoga involving mind, heart, body and spirit, we are able to make more intentional choices about how we want to live and how we want to contribute in order to make a difference as we mature into the fullness of our potential.

This Third age or Third stage of life, Banaprasthya as described by the Ancient Yogis is where real life- spiritual life begins. Possessions, status and other external markers of success don’t hold the same power they once did.

As a senior couple we are evolving our classes and courses for people who are ready to explore all the possibilities.

If you think you are too stiff, old, fat, broken or just think it’s too late to peel back the layers and reveal your true self, then you have come to the right place. We are your other home.
We assist our students to act with faith, self-control, determination, concentration and patience.
We help steer you and ourselves away from acting out of blindness, weakness, fear and pain.

As a Registered nutritionist and a ‘man of the land”, we are now dedicating our lives to learning and spreading the message of health and yoga to our community.

We believe you should love yourself, stay as healthy as you can, move your body often and tread lightly upon the earth, laugh every day, be informed, stay engaged, use your mind, manage your finances, be bold, be brave, walk with confidence and live life on your terms.

We can’t control getting older, but we can control how we do it.

PS: If you are under 50 and looking for a journey to help you break free from self-imposed limitations and experience no limitations then enrol in class where you will apply daily gratitude for a life the is full of abundance.

This is a life we are passionate about, we love it and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Kirsten and Tony became 200hr certified Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y.) teachers in 2012. They trained with master facilitator Duncan Peak and his world-class teaching team.

During their training in Melbourne and Byron Bay, Kirsten and Tony developed the tools to confidently teach a power Vinyasa class that challenges, heals and inspires others to live an authentic life.

Since 2012 Kirsten and Tony have completed training in Yin Yoga, Advanced Assist training, Vinyasa level 2 and Chair Yoga.

In 2017 they both completed Level 1, iRest Yoga Nidra.
Kirsten is also a Registered Nutritionist originally completing her Bachelor of Education (Home Economics) in 1982 and in 2015 was awarded Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition from Deakin University. We are also Members of Yoga Australia: www.yogaaustralia.org.au

Kirsten is also a registered Yoga for pain practitioner in Australia. https://yogaforpaincare.com/find-a-teacher/

Tony’s background is in agriculture and fishing the Gippsland Lakes.

Kirsten and Tony opened their own small studio in Paynesville in February 2017. Click here to find out more.

Kirsten is passionate about all areas of Nutrition ensuring that her clients receive advice tailored to their individual needs and personal goals. She has a particular interest in weight management, having run a successful weightloss centre for women in Sale for more than 7 years.

For 28 years Kirsten has worked in the area of food and nutrition, teaching home economics in schools.
Kirsten’s approach is evidence based and all her recommendations are made on current nutrition science. She believes fad diets and calorie counting hinder rather than assist a healthy lifestyle.


Kirsten & Tony