Breakaway from the stress and slow down at Swan Cove, Raymond Island

Welcome to Swan Cove, your peaceful and unique waterfront island retreat nestled on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes. A true haven you can run away to when you need a break from the crowd!

Our story

We're Kirsten and Tony and in 2014, we decided to share the wonderful experience of living in natural tranquility at Swan Cove Raymond Island with travelers in Australia and around the world!

We believe that everyone deserves the best, and that holiday time is a beautiful gift to ourselves. That’s why we created Swan Cove Raymond Island, an oasis where guests can experience a healing and rejuvenating stay.

Tony’s agricultural background, my culinary nutritional expertise, and our experience as yoga instructors have all come together to create a truly special place. We love sharing our local knowledge with travelers so that they can enjoy all that the Gippsland Lakes has to offer.

Come and enjoy some quiet time just for you, or contact us directly if you would like to plan a longer retreat stay. Kirsten can curate a bespoke program just for you, including yoga and delicious meals.


Listen. Be still.
Hear the beating of your own heart.

Bespoke Yoga Packages

We are experienced yoga teachers in various yoga styles and live as regular householders practising Yoga daily at our beautiful home on Swan Cove Raymond Island. With our broad knowledge of this ancient Indian art, we tailor a yoga wellness program for each visitor according to their needs.

A Step Closer To Nature

Swan Cove Raymond Island is a natural retreat that allows you to experience living with the wildlife through nature adventures and activities. We offer old fashioned, environmentally-friendly, secluded accommodation where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Good Food For The Mind & Body

Tony and I are passionate about healthy living and meditation. We use our expertise in agriculture and nutrition to grow and serve organic nutritious food at our waterfront vintage accommodation in Swan Cove Raymond Island. The peace and quiet of our property is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and practice meditation.


Experience staying in Tudor cottages while enjoying our seaside garden and bushwalkers paradise as well as an island breakfast basket. Everyday will be a unique and tranquil experience!

Yoga classes

We offer Yoga class experiences for ordinary people and regular practitioners alike to deepen their connection to self. Classes include Chair Yoga, Kundalini and Yin.

Healthy living

If you have been struggling to live a healthy lifestyle, let us assist you on your journey to whole health. Book a private consultation or health retreat to help you transition to healthy living.

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Have you been waiting for that much-needed escape?

Resting in Raymond Island is a sanctuary where you can escape for your long-awaited break. Release tension and find peace in nature at Swan Cove.