In 2014 Tony and I decided to open up our home of natural tranquility to travellers through the Swan Cove Guest House.

We built a fully enclosed octagonal permaculture garden and planted vines and fruit trees and today we have grapes, olives, figs, plums, pears, apples, apricots, pomegranates, berries and vegetables.

We have expanded our family with heritage chickens including Buff Sussex, Wyandottes and Barnevelders.

We love to share what we have learnt about gardening in a sandy soil and salt laden air.


Do you dream of escaping your daily existence and experiencing the healing nature of island life? 

Need a place where you can be nourished and nurtured in a natural environment?

Welcome to Swan Cove nestled on beautiful Raymond Island in the Australian bush!



Stay at this waterfront vintage accommodation encapsulated by magical gardens and friendly wildlife on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia.


Connect deeply with yourself, enhance your body awareness, and strengthen your centre with Swan Cove Yoga, including the popular Chair Yoga classes.


Be guided toward traditional nutrition practices based on ancient Yogic knowledge and wisdom that focuses on connection to mother earth as the starting point of healing ourselves.

Come experience the Swan Cove Sanctuary and Tudor-Style accommodations, 10 acres of wild waterfront and bush, lake access, an organic permaculture garden and a yogic lifestyle!

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the Australian bush.

Allow nature’s song to sink deep into the core of your being.

Listen… Be still…

And hear the beating of your own heart. 

My name is Kirsten Mackintosh and with my partner Tony Beaman, we invite you to experience your own self-healing adventure in Swan Cove, Australia where we have a 10 acre wildlife sanctuary, two Tudor-style cottages for guests, along with a transformative yoga style and holistic nutritional practice.

Connect to the wisdom, wonder, awe and beauty of our home.

Bathe in the restorative energy created by our tall gum trees and Australian native waterfront bushland.

Feel the peace of the wild things.

As one who suffers from psoriatic arthritis, I chose a self-healing journey that led me to a beautiful wild island in Australia that I love to share with people from around the world. 

My everyday life includes a symbiotic relationship with jurassic trees, wild kangaroos, koalas, parrots, kookaburra, echidnas, dolphins, black swans and sea horses.

Escape to the warm sandy beach behind our German Tudor home and slip into the lake immersing yourself in the healing salty waters, moving your body gracefully and allowing the sounds of nature to come to you.

Explore our beautiful island, enjoy the stillness and sounds of the wild and linger in our organic permaculture garden.
Enjoy a yoga practice that will connect you to who you really are, that bolsters your own intuition as you consciously create a life of your choosing.

I have a daily yoga practice that I teach others in a style that connects us to who we really are, to trust our own intuition as we consciously create our lives.

Sharing the Healing Nature of the Wild

It is my greatest joy to explore our beautiful island, enjoying the sounds and sights of island life and share the produce from our organic permaculture garden with people who yearn to experience the healing benefits of nature.

I have personally experienced a greater ease in movement, reduction in pain, improved flexibility, more energy, lighter mood, and a deeper connection with spirit ever since moving here to Swan Cove.

“A healer does not heal you.

A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

Maryam Hasnaa

Stay in our Tudor-style Cottages and receive a basket of country hospitality!

When you stay at our guest house, you will receive a breakfast basket of seasonal goodies such as our heritage hen eggs, locally smoked bacon, Raymond Island honey, our house-made jams and granola, sourdough rye bread, local milk, butter and yoghurt, and seasonal greens, herbs, mushrooms and fruits from the garden.

Slow down and feel the healing essence of nature, the gift of the wild, the rejuvenating effects of the salt lake, the brain-shifting power of being present in accessible beauty. 

Guests are invited to purchase a private nutritional consultation with Kirsten to enhance the healing aspect of their stay.  

When you visit us in Raymond Island, you will be mesmerized by the sites and sounds of the wild. Click the button below to hear the sounds of our island.

The Lotion of Motion: Yoga Healing Lifestyle

We, Kirsten and Tony, are both dedicated yoga instructors in a variety of yoga styles. Here at Swan Cove we practice the yoga lifestyle and offer our guests the option of purchasing private yoga instruction and consulting to enhance the healing nature of their stay.

Chair Yoga: A Breakthrough in Movement

A little bit of movement goes a long way with this gentle approach to yoga you can do in a chair! It’s easy in this modern life to sit almost motionless for hours, leading to stiffness and weak muscles. With my Chair Yoga Classes held at Paynesville, you can get started with simple movements that release tension and resistance in the body, and help stabilise core strength and balance.

Experience an Enduring Peace

Our visitors and clients leave us rested, rejuvenated, and feeling perfectly at peace with their lives. Our message to you is that we all have an abiding peace within. Nature brings that out in us, and when we return home we have new ideas for living a life of deep experience.


Visitors to Swan Cove Share Their Thoughts…

“It’s a beautiful place for a relaxing vacation. The house has a vintage look and feel. Kirsten and Tony are very friendly and did a great job preserving the house in that manner. There is a lot of wildlife in Raymond Island, there are few bikes available at the place for you to explore the island. We really loved the place and definitely come back. Highly recommended.”


“When people say it’s a magical place, they’re not kidding. The island itself is like another world. When we drove up there were kangaroos on the property. The koala walk in the morning was a highlight of the entire trip. Definitely worth the trip. Hope to come back at some point.”


“This place is Magical. The hospitality is beyond wonderful. Our every need was catered to. The tiny German cottages are picturesque and quaint. The amenities are bountiful. You can kayak, hike, cycle, or just explore! There is abundant wildlife, you won’t be disappointed!! There are hidden delights around every corner. We cannot wait to come back again soon!”


“Great place, great environment for meditation, relaxation! We inhaled 100% pure natural OXYGEN at the property! The hosts are very welcoming. A lovely memory.”


“We enjoyed our short stay at Swan Cove very much! It is a secluded, relaxing place where you are sure to see some kangaroos! Very clean and quaint.”

Leon & Lynette

“Very cool, secluded location! Lots of wildlife including Kangaroos, Koalas, and lots of wild birds. Hosts, Kirsten and Tony, were very friendly and accommodating. Brekky was delicious!”


“I cannot speak more highly of Swan Cove and its lovely owners and hosts, Kirsten and Tony. We were after a quiet and restful weekend away and boy did Swan Cove deliver! We marveled at the craftsmanship (and superb wallpaper!) of the cottages, the abundance of wildlife and the second-to-none waterside location. We didn’t want to leave and can’t wait to come back!”


“Kirsten’s and Tony’s place is just magical – as indeed is Raymond island itself. We have never stayed anywhere with so much wildlife and beautiful birds. Feeding the rosellas at breakfast time was wonderful. The Garden Cottage in which we stayed was cosy and comfortable and Kirsten and Tony had provided everything we needed. We also loved hearing all about the history of Swan Cove and being tutored in the different species of birds we were seeing there (We’re from the UK so quite unfamiliar with Australian birds.) Tony even took the trouble to point out two nesting owls to us in one of their trees. With a front garden full of beautiful birdsong and visiting kangaroos and even a koala (who seemed to have misplaced the eucalyptus tree he was searching for!) and a back garden lapped by the water (with kayaks available if you wish) what more could you ask for!”


“Beyond the imagination! A perfect natural ecological island, the island needs to take a boat, so the ecological uniqueness is preserved. The landlord told me that there is a bridge island ruined. I really like the island’s ecology, nature! This lifestyle is perfect. The experience, missing an Australian self-driving book in the room. Looking forward to returning to the next time, you can have your own Australian life!”

Dreamer Fu

“Really lovely house with very friendly owners who received us warmly. We were given a tour of the beautiful garden, they have chickens and a large beautiful vegetable garden. In the evening the kangaroo walks in the garden, there are many beautiful birds to see (the rosella’s are eating out of your hand!). There is also a lot of wildlife on the island, with of course the koalas, but also echidnas, possoms and many other animals. The house is super nice, the apartment is classically furnished, very clean with nice rooms. The bathroom is very small, but has a good shower. Really a place to unwind, enjoy the natural surroundings, and you can catch the ferry to eat something ashore (go without a car, park it at the ferry, then it’s free!). Recommended!”