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Yoga for Ageless Living!

We welcome you to yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Paynesville and Bairnsdale in Victoria, Australia.
The key to retaining your ability to move freely and retain your body’s full functional capacity well into your older years!

Chair Yoga

Duration: 60 minutes
Schedule: Mondays and Wednesday mornings
Venue: Paynesville RSL

Simple, effective movements including meditation. Designed to improve mobility, flexibility and brain function.

“It’s fun” “Meet new friends” “Safe and inclusive”
Perfect for those who don’t want to sit on the floor.
Bask in the sunshine warmth of our state of the art infrared heating system.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice that incorporates poses that are mostly seated or reclined. It targets the connective tissues in the body to reduce stiffness in the joints and increase ease of movement. If you feel like Tin man when you wake in the morning, Yin Yoga is for you!

Through Yin Yoga, you will experience a greater range of movement, reduced stress levels and a calm mind.


Seeing things as they really are.

In meditation (dhyana), the mind is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused and the body is in its natural state of balance for perfect maintenance and repair and the immune system maintains good health. This class is designed for beginners and practitioners alike and offers a variety of meditation techniques including iRest Yoga Nidra, mantra meditation and breath techniques.

iRest is where we cultivate embodied rest and the participant explores sensations & feelings in the body. Feelings are the language of the soul. But you must make sure you are listening to your true feelings & not some counterfeit model constructed in your mind as thoughts that can masquerade as feelings. Practising iRest takes you to deeper levels of your being where True Nature abides.

At a basic level, it provides the initial building blocks for mindfulness practice in which one learns to stay present and alert.

At an intermediate level, one learns how to meet challenging experiences, emotions or beliefs in order to integrate and go beyond them.

At the highest level, iRest offers the teachings of the “end path” of direct realisation into one’s true nature as abiding peace, infinite calm, and interconnected wholeness.

There is nothing to do in an iRest session except lay down comfortably and be guided by the teacher’s voice.


KundaDance® is like Zumba but done in Yoga style. It is a dance of consciousness to awaken you to your highest potential, shake away all your fears and insecurities bringing energy and vibrancy to your life.

KundaDance® is a combination of Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and mantra. The movements are synchronised to special music composed by Maya Fiennes in 528 and 432 frequencies which have an instant healing effect on your body and mind. Done mindfully, KundaDance® can benefit everyone.


For fast sustainable results, you can’t go past Kundalini Yoga. A practice that forgoes complex poses for energy-boosting, breath-driven exercises, quick meditations and simple poses, most of which you can do seated on a chair. Simple and effective tools for an awe-inspiring life! Suitable for everyone who wants to feel ageless!

Postures are approached in gradual steps with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition.

After this class you’ll feel like you’ve gone to therapy, had an awesome workout and enjoyed a fun singing session with friends.


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