It is impossible to give a precise answer to “What is Yoga?”

However the word itself means both union and discipline. What the tradition of yoga seeks to integrate is head and heart.

Yoga is a centuries old- system of personal development and health cultivation originating in India. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to ‘unite’ or to ‘harmonise.’

The essence of Yoga is the achievement of harmony within oneself and in relation to others and one’s environment.

Yoga provides a structure for exploring the relationship between the physical and spiritual; and encouraging the integration of these aspects.

The practice of Yoga is made up of many diverse philosophies and these have developed over the past 5000 years.

Despite this diversity, its goal has remained consistent- to transcend the ego-limiting personality and find union with the divine.

In our yoga practice we are encouraged to go beyond physical practice, to commence a quest to understand the mind, its complexities, the limiting beliefs, stories and repetitive patterns that plague our psyche and journey towards an inner state of consciousness.

In our Yoga practice we train our bodies to become supple, strong and healthy to support us through the arduous process of understanding the mind and what causes its suffering.

The four foundations of Modern Yoga are:

  • Understanding belief systems
  • The physical practice
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation

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