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Culinary Nutritionist and Yogic educator

Being a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, I can guide you on your journey to whole health.
Come and book a nutritional wellness program with me so we can work on transitioning you to a healthier lifestyle.

Private Nutritional Consulting with Kirsten

My guidance centres around prioritising life’s fundamentals in a way that works for you — health, food, contentment and creating a harmonious earth home. The principles I use are based on evidence based science and Yogic knowledge and wisdom that focuses on connection to Mother Earth as the starting point of healing ourselves.

My Principles Are:

  • Looking after Mother Earth so she will continue to sustain us.
  • Cooking from scratch to understanding what wholesome real food is.
  • Living with the seasons and getting to know our neighbours.
  • Ditching ultra-processed for real food
  • Moving our bodies in a way that naturally feels good, every day.

Learn more about how you can enhance your body, mind and spirit by having a personal consultation with me. I would love to help you start your journey to a wholesome and well-lived life.

Life! Program

Take your first step to good health. We are not lazy, we are just overwhelmed with the many choices that life offers. If you feel like you’ve failed many times at changing yourself for the better, we have a simple solution for you!

It’s called the Life! Program. The best part about it is that it’s free for most Victorians! 

I’ve been running the Life! program for 12 years as the Life! facilitator for East Gippsland. Because of this, I was able to learn about the barriers to good health.

We run a total of 8 Life ! Program courses every year. Through the Life! Program you will discover tricks and clever tools to put you on track to a healthier version of yourself.

This course runs for a 12-month period that involves a one-on-one introductory session followed by six group sessions that will help you gain knowledge and skills to make healthier choices. During the course, you will also be given support and expert advice needed to make lifestyle choices that will help prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The Life! Program can be tailored to suit a workplace setting. This can be through a 45-minute group session so that it can fit your workplace lunch hour or convenient times. 

Learn more at www.lifeprogram.org.au or you can directly connect with me so I can attend to your queries.


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