Our Commitment to Natural Living on Raymond Island

With chronic illness in industrialized countries reaching epidemic status, a lot of the blame can be placed at the feet of fake foods, conveniently packaged to dazzle people with their attractive wrapping and clever marketing.

That’s why at Swan Cove, we produce seasonal, organic vegetables, fruits and eggs (in our purpose built 25m enclosed ‘little farm’ octagon) and we forage for wild food seasonally such as pine mushrooms, Warragul greens, samphire, fish and prawns. We also happily accept excess produce from our lovely neighbours here on Raymond Island.

We keep our waste to a minimum by feeding it to our happy chickens, affectionately known as our ‘chook tractors’ who turn it into compost it and return it to our soil. It’s about returning more nutrients than we take out.

We preserve and cook food the traditional way. Pickles and jams, dried fruit and vegetables, long-ferment sourdough bread and bone broths.

In the future we hope to run workshops and dinners, consult and speak about traditional food preparation and preservation, permaculture gardening, and living a waste-free lifestyle. And we just installed solar power for our house and workshop and eventually we’ll have a solar-powered yoga studio.

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