Travelling Green in Australia

It’s not easy being ‘green’ when you’re on holiday and travelling. The cold hard facts are that travelling can require vast amounts of fuel, carbon and resources. You can reduce your travel footprint though by being conscious of factors under your control, for instance by staying in eco-conscious lodgings. This is called Sustainable Tourism.*

At Swan Cove we have put many measures in place to lessen the impact on our environment and therefore reduce your travel footprint:

We implemented a simple “chook bucket” for food scraps to enhance the garden rather than overwhelming the landfill.

We collect our water from the sky, and we recently invested in a water filtration system to provide pristine drinking water for the entire property so guests don’t need to bring or use plastic bottles.

The cleaning products we use are Eco Certified, non-toxic and plant-based.
We cultivate much of our own food and the food for our guests in our organic permaculture garden. Sustainable gardening is a passion of ours, and we have plenty of fresh herbs for our guests.

We installed Solar Power with unique energy monitoring system.

We installed eco friendly upgrades to the cottages including carpet and flooring that are kind to the earth in the manufacturing process, longevity of the product, and how they function.

Kangaroos “mow” our lawns, which saves us having to use a mower!
We plant trees to neutralize our carbon footprint further.

We use kayaks instead of motor boats to get around the lake.

We use economical split heater/air conditioner in each cottage to reduce power usage.

We grow and make our own herbal teas, complimentary for our guests.
Fair trade coffee is provided in the cottages.

Disposal units for cigarette butts are provided as butts are very harmful to the Dolphins.

We continue to innovate to offer responsible and sustainable accommodation for your holiday. It involves some serious creative thinking, and we want to be part of the solution for you next ‘green’ getaway.

*Sustainable Tourism is defined as, “tourism that respects both local people and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment.” UNESCO -UNEP International Environmental Education Programme

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