Private Nutritional Consulting with Kirsten (B.Ed, R.Nutr.)

If you are seeking assistance on your journey to whole health, I invite you to my Private Nutritional and Yoga Consulting Services.

My guidance centres around prioritising life’s fundamentals in a way that works for you… health, food, contentment and creating a harmonious earth home. The principles I use are based on ancient Yogic knowledge and wisdom that focuses on connection to Mother Earth as the starting point of healing ourselves.

 My Principles Are:

  • Let’s look after Mother Earth so she will continue to sustain us.
  • Let’s cook from scratch, understanding what wholesome, real food is.
  • Let’s live with the seasons and get to know our neighbours.
  • Let’s ditch the fake foods and embrace healthier choices.
  • Let’s move our bodies in a way that naturally feels good, every day.

If you are interested to learn more about how working privately with me can enhance your body, mind and spirit, I’d love to connect with you. Please use my CONTACT FORM to reach out so we can meet.

How would you like to get results like these?

“Kirsten, I just wanted to say how much you have inspired me today to step up and make the changes I need to make for my health. More than the dietary advice, it’s the mindset tools that have made the difference for me, thank you.”


“Your program has changed my life, you really weeded out those old thought patterns! As a gardener myself I love your garden metaphors and I am now able to stick with those healthy eating patterns and I am feeling great.”


“Kirsten, that mirror work has really changed my life and I encourage anyone else wanting to lose some weight to make an appointment with you. Your guidance is both wholistic and powerful.”


“The costs (to my health) of resisting change was the best breakthrough session for me, as I am now well on my way to living the best version of myself, thank you.”