kirsten’s yoga journey

Learning from the best. 

My Yoga journey began when I was 18 years old, living in a country town of 10,000 people where I met very few inspiring women. I was lucky to meet a graceful “old woman” of 50, with long flowing grey hair, who stood tall and strong and entranced me with her youthful look that belied her age. She was a yoga teacher so I signed up for her class and she inspired me to begin my yoga teaching journey.

Fast forward a few decades and I have been a committed yoga instructor in a variety of styles. Currently I focus on Chair Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra, and in 2018 I began my Kundalini Yoga journey training in Crete with the incredible Maya Fiennes and in 2019 in India with 76 year old Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. I am committed to training with the best teachers so I can pass on these incredible ancient teachings in the most authentic way.

To me Yoga is embodied philosophy.

I love hearing the transformational messages and then feeling the messages land right into my body, my core being. The movements go together with the mantra music and meditation, and I get a great work out at the same time!

Bring your whole body to a higher frequency.

Mantra chanting is the sound vibration that helps you to bring your whole body into a higher frequency. It is a quantum technology that manipulates the smallest particles of sound into effective patterns which then create changes in the neurotransmitters that command the brain to resonate with infinity.

Awaken your natural inner healer.

By awakening the higher consciousness, this process promotes natural healing properties within the body. Specific mantras act as healers and are the fastest entree to meditation. Through the many practices of Yoga I have explored, I have found the most powerful to be those that lead me to a state of meditation, where inner knowledge and the source is revealed to me. The point of power is in the present moment. The more present I am, the more I tune into my intuition.
And the most powerful depends on me and where I am at that time. Sometimes a slow Yin practice is what I need, other times it might be a powerful Vinyasa practice, where I really sweat it out, but now it is mostly holistic Kundalini. 

Kunda Yoga is a love story.

It’s about loving yourself – to create health, happiness and longevity through breath, movement, mantra, mudra and music.
When I am practising Kundalini I feel love for myself and I learned from Louise Hay that when you don’t know what else to do, focus on love. Loving yourself makes you feel good and good health is really about feeling good.

It encourages us to practise acceptance, allowing things to just ‘BE’ and teaches us to cultivate balance in our life – to live with contentment and ease.

In real life this is knowing when to push through and make things happen and when to relax and allow things to happen. In yoga it is called sthira (strong) sukham (comfortable) asanam.

Asana teaches us to strengthen areas of weakness, shed light on places unlit and relax areas of contraction. I don’t always get this right but in latter years I am getting better at knowing which road to take. I have learned to rest when my body/brain says enough! I’ve learnt to set parameters for my work and make time for joy and laughter. If I don’t meditate and I push on, my body certainly tells me through pain and stiffness in the joints, tightness in the brain and things not flowing smoothly.

I’ve also learned to differentiate between pain (physical or emotional hurt) and suffering (how the mind reacts to the pain).

We imagine the worst. We worry that things will never improve. We decide life is over. That’s suffering and it fuels the fires of chronic pain.

I offer weekly classes in Chair Yoga, KundaDANCE and Kundalini, and my partner Tony Beaman offers weekly classes in Yin and Power Vinyasa. Both of us offer regular iRest Yoga Nidra classes.

We also offer private yoga sessions and consultations at our Guest House on Raymond Island, or via Skype to anywhere around the world.


Sat Nam,